Survey reveals need for education, greater access to improve plastics recycling

Packaging provider Hi-Cone, Itasca, Illinois, has released its second annual State of Plastic Recycling report, revealing the need for ongoing education and greater access to programs and facilities. The report was compiled using data from surveys conducted by the international research data and analytics firm YouGov that involved more than 5,000 adults in the United States, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom. Questions focused on responsents’ behaviors, knowledge and attitudes toward plastic packaging recycling and other circular economy aspects.

In all four countries, respondents identified a key group of stakeholders—packaging manufacturers, consumer goods companies, government and consumers themselves—as being primarily responsible for providing effective plastic recycling resources and solutions. Consumers also indicated a shared responsibility among these core groups for expanding knowledge and influencing behavior toward achieving a circular economy.

In this second iteration of its report, the research was expanded to determine the public’s understanding of the term “circular economy” to better determine the public’s level of support for recycling; whether the public’s participation in recycling matches their intentions; which groups, institutions and agencies people look to for recycling solutions; and how these organizations can best direct their efforts to increase public engagement. “Considerable progress has been made in minimizing plastic waste through a robust reuse and recycling infrastructure,” says Shawn Welch, group president, packaging equipment and consumables platform, at Hi-Cone. “The information contained in this new report will help stakeholders further accelerate the transition from a traditional, linear economy, in which used products simply become waste, to a far more vibrant and sustainable circular economy.”

Source: Recycling Today


Author: Kirsi Seppänen