An impressive work with melting ice in Helsinki reminds us of the threats of cli­mate change

The artwork on climate change, implemented by the European Green Capital Lahti, will be on display in Kansalaistori Square in Helsinki from 6 to 15 August 2021. The melting ice poles of the work are a reminder of the dangers of climate change: the water flowing into the square, on the other hand, of the constantly rising sea level. The infographic on the ground allows viewers to learn the facts in more detail and see which cities are first threatened by climate change. One part of the work is the wooden pavilion, where you can explore the green capital and climate solutions in Lahti.

The premiere of composer Cecilia Damström’s new ICE musical piece will play in the background of the artwork, performed by the Lahti Symphony Orchestra. The harmony of the work, which begins with peaceful harp playing, escalates into a chilling discord in the 10-minute piece, and the rhythm roars intensely: this is what it sounds like when our planet Earth fights for its existence. The title of the piece refers to both the Arctic sea ice decline and the In Case of Emergency (ICE) programme. The piece ends with a glimpse of hope: in the final seconds, the harp heard at the beginning is played again and a small bell rings as a reminder that there is still a chance to influence the future.

The work is part of the Lahti Green Capital Year. Erkko Aarti and his agency AOR Architects were responsible for the design of the work. The wooden pavilion was constructed by Lahti-based Ebonia Design, the ice elements were created by Snowhow Oy and the infographics were designed by communications agency TBWA. Several partners are involved in building the work, such as LUT University, Marjatta and Eino Kolli Foundation, Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, Climate Move and Tunne ry, Häme Chamber of Commerce, and a number of businesses contributing to the European Green Capital project.

Source: Lahti City 

Author: Tuula Pohjola