Banana leaf packaging and pineapple powder: How Dole plans to eliminate food waste by 2025

In R&D labs, the company is now exploring ways to turn pineapple skins and banana leaves into packaging, developing new snacks from misshapen produce that grocery stores don’t want, and processing excess waste in biogas facilities that turn food into electricity to power its processing plants.

The company launched several new goals today, including a plan to eliminate fossil-based plastic packaging by 2025 and reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 through steps such as moving to clean energy on farms and testing electric trucks for delivery. But its goal to move to zero fruit loss by 2025 is one key.

Parts of plants that aren’t typically used now will find new uses. The company is working with partners on new compostable packaging that can be made from pulp from banana leaves or pineapple skins. “Our ultimate goal is to convert all our plastic packaging into biodegradable solutions that kids can convert into containers with seeds that can be used entirely in public or private gardens,” Sigismondi says. Pineapple cores, which are rich in such nutrients as vitamin C and manganese, may be turned into new snacks and powders.

Source: Fast Company

Author: Kirsi Seppänen