Will Europe win the race to secure a COVID-19 vaccine?

A total of 31 vaccines are now undergoing human trials, including eight which have moved to phase three, with large-scale efficacy tests. The international, high-stakes competition took a turn when Russia announced the first coronavirus vaccine cleared for use on Tuesday. “We are in close contact with the Russian health authorities, and discussions are going on with respect to possible pre-qualification of the vaccine,” said World Health Organisation spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic during a press conference in Geneva on Wednesday.

Russia becomes first country to register a coronavirus vaccine, but testing reportedly incomplete.  Even if it is too early to pick a winner, Euronews collected data to see which countries managed to secure the most doses of the vaccine. Many countries are still in discussion or reportedly about to strike a deal with pharmaceutical industry giants. The United States and the European Union appear to be the frontrunners.The worldwide leading position has come at the cost with the US spending $10 billion (€0.84bn/£0.75bn) for up to 1.3 billion doses.

Source: Euronews

Author: Tuula Pohjola