Forecasters say roughest part of 2020 hurricane season lies ahead

Forecasters from Colorado State University (CSU) said on Wednesday that more devastating hurricanes lay ahead in the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. CSU tropical Meteorology Project forecasters said they expect 12 hurricanes, five of them major, from 24 named storms in the current season, which began on June 1. So far there have been nine storms and two hurricanes, including Isias, which raked the U.S. East Coast this week.

“Warmer than normal water across the tropical Atlantic provides more fuel for tropical cyclones and also is associated with lower than normal pressure (as was observed in July) and increased instability – all of which favor more hurricane activity,” the forecasters wrote in Wednesday’s report.

In early July, the CSU team led by Research Scientist Philip Klotzbach forecast nine hurricanes, four major out of 20 named storms.Major hurricanes pack winds of at least 111 miles per hour (mph) (178 kmh). A storm reaches hurricane strength with sustained winds of 74 mph (119 kmh). Tropical storms have sustained winds of at least 39 mph (63 kmh). In April, CSU forecasters predicted four major hurricanes among eight hurricanes out of a total of 16 named tropical storms.

Source: Reuters

Author: Tuula Pohjola