Swedish strategy for circular economy accelerates the transition to sustainability

The national strategy for a circular economy sets out the direction and ambition for a long-term and sustainable transition of Swedish society. The Government adopted the national strategy for a circular economy earlier this year. The strategy is now available in English. The strategy is based on an agreement between the Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.

The transition to a circular economy is essential/crucial if Sweden is going to achieve the environmental and climate objectives, as well as several of the Sustainable Development Goals in the 2030 Agenda. Later this autumn the government will also adopt an action plan for circular economy, containing a long list of measures and instruments necessary to bring about the transition.

The core of the strategy is a vision: ‘A society in which resources are used efficiently in toxic-free circular flows, replacing new materials.’ The strategy focuses on four areas: sustainable production and product design; sustainable ways of consuming and using materials, products and services; toxic-free and circular material cycles; and the circular economy as a driving force for the business sector and other actors through measures to promote innovation and circular business models.

Source: Market Screener


Author: Kirsi Seppänen