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A Finnish startup has created a fully biodegradable packaging alternative to help reduce the 8 billion tonnes of plastic we use worldwide 

Sulapac was founded by two biochemical researchers from the University of Tampere: Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen.

Its biodegradable packaging is a viable alternative to the current packaging used for food, commodities, cosmetics and others. As well as everyday uses the company has ongoing partnerships with food industry giant Fazer and forestry company Stora Enso, among others. The company has been voted as one of Helsinki's hottest startups for 2018 by WIRED Magazine.

Sulapac's products are designed to eliminate plastic waste and develop a genuine commitment to sustainability using ecological material. The company was founded in 2016 by two biochemists, Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen. "We know each other very well from university, when both Laura and I were studying biochemistry at Tampere", Sulapac CEO Suvi Haimi tells Business Insider Nordic.

"I was the supervisor for Laura's doctoral thesis on biomaterials. As a result of this we both decided to become entrepreneurs to better follow our passion. We founded Sulapac with a mission to save the planet from plastic waste."  

Based on a report in the journal Science it is estimated that there have been over 8 billion tonnes of plastic produced worldwide. Of that 9% has been recycled, 12% incinerated but an alarming 79% has accumulated in landfills and in the environment. This means, as the BBC points out, that nearly all plastic ever produced still exists today in some form or another.   

But how did Haimi and Kyllönen go from expert academic knowledge to starting and growing a successful business?  "As biochemists specialised in biomaterials, we came up with a sustainable and beautiful alternative to plastic. Sulapac is a biodegradable and microplastic free material made from renewable sources and FSC-certified wood. It can be used as packaging for almost everything from cosmetics to foodstuff to gift boxes and more."

The company is currently working on a collaboration with Fazer on a luxury line of confectionery that will be ready in time for Christmas, and they also have a joint development agreement with Stora Enso to develop fully renewable caps and closures for liquid packages.

Sulapac has ambitious plans to grow its presence worldwide, and is currently working on a number of international partnerships to help them achieve this. Their ultimate goal is to become the number one choice in sustainable materials that replace plastic. (Image: Sulapac Ltd).

Source: Nordic Business Insider

Päivitetty/Updated: 14.09.2018




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