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Study: Switzerland emerges as most 'deluded' country over waste levels

Belgium households are the most deluded about how much of their grocery shop goes in the bin, according to the study

Study of 18,000 households around the world finds major gap between how much waste consumers think they generate, and how much food, clothing and possessions are actually going to waste

Consumers in Switzerland are among the most deluded when it comes to their levels of household waste, according to a new study of more than 18,000 consumers across the globe. New research released today by Dutch removals specialist Movinga questioned thousands of heads of households from 20 countries around the world about how much food they waste, how much of their clothing is unworn, and what proportion of their personal possessions are surplus to requirements.

The researchers then compared the results of the survey to data gathered by specialist researchers on the actual level of waste generated by households, to create a "margin of delusion" for consumers in each country. Switzerland has an 'average delusion' rate calculated at 26.3 per cent. Household heads claimed 26 per cent of their wardrobe was unworn in the last 12 months, when the actual figure was nearer 79 per cent.

Similarly, Swiss households said they wasted just five per cent of their groceries, but the real figure was logged as 18 per cent. And in household goods, Swiss respondents said just nine per cent of goods were still not in use since their last house move, but the researchers put the actual figure at 22 per cent. 

Movinga said the results should prompt an international conversation about consumption and waste levels in homes around the world. "The results are compelling, with the gap revealed to be starker than we anticipated, and we hope it sparks a much-needed discourse on over-consumption, consumerism and how much we really need," it said in a post about the study.

The UK also came near the bottom of the rankings, with an average delusion rate of 23.3 per cent, ahead of only by Belgium, Canada and Switzerland. On clothing, UK respondents said 34 per cent of their wardrobe was unworn in the last 12 months, compared to a research value of 73 per cent. UK consumers also said just five per cent of food ends up in the bin, compared to the 15 per cent figure cited by researchers. According to the study, households in the US waste the most food overall, but Belgians have the largest disconnect between how much food they think is wasted versus what actually ends up in the bin.

Source: Business Green 

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