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SportsArt brings 'world first' energy generating treadmill to the UK

Green fitness manufacturer SportsArt has announced plans to launch its new ECO-POWR gym equipment range in the UK, featuring what it claims is the world's first energy-generating treadmill for eco-conscious runners.

Set for launch in the UK and Europe this autumn, the ECO-POWR range will debut six new products, including the power-generating treadmill Verde, which can convert up to 74 per cent of kinetic energy produced during a workout into electricity.

SportArt claims a workout on one of its ECO-POWR machines can generate up to 200W of electricity per hour, which is fed back into the local grid, thereby offsetting building costs and energy consumption.

Roger Eldergill, UK country manager at SportsArt, said green gym equipment range could be "transformative" in helping fitness companies reduce energy costs and meet sustainability goals. He also suggested the equipment could help gyms attract more members among increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

The firm claims upgrading to 10 ECO-POWR machines can save a gym up to £1,300 a year, while using SportsArt's "full green circuit" of equipment can generate the energy equivalent to running a washing machine for six hours.

Source: Business Green

Päivitetty/Updated: 11.07.2018




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