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EU health ministers agree on accelerating development of e-health services

The health ministers of the European Union at a meeting in Brussels approved the Council's conclusions, which call for both the European Commission as well as the member states to promote the free movement of health data in the EU in order to accelerate digital innovation in healthcare, informs LETA/BNS.

The ministers in the conclusions emphasize that digital technology and data analysis enable to develop new health services and simplify the communication between the different parties of healthcare. It will be possible based on data analysis to make better and more accurate decisions when diagnosing and treating illnesses and through that to use healthcare resources more economically than before. For people this ensures better access to health data, control over the use of their health data and the possibility of assuming a greater responsibility to take care of their health.

The conclusions encourage member states to increase investments for the implementation of e-solutions supporting the quality of services in healthcare and to eliminate unjustified obstacles in the movement of health data. To ensure the free movement of data, the European Commission has been called to support the creation of cross-border information systems through EU funds.

Implementation of the principles agreed upon in the conclusions create new possibilities both for people and companies offering health services. "For example, thanks to cross-border data exchange and cooperation platforms, it is possible to offer access to the best medical knowledge in Europe to people suffering from rare diseases. This in turn enables ti diagnose the illness faster and treat it better," Estonian Minister Of Health and Labour  Jevgeni  Ossinovski said. 

In addition to health benefits, creating the conditions for scientific research and development also increases the competitiveness of companies offering digital health services on the European single market and makes the possibilities of personal medicine more accessible to people.

Source: Baltic Course 

Päivitetty/Updated: 12.12.2017




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